Interior Health/UBC Southern Medical Regional Simulation Program

IH/UBC SMP – Outreach Simulation Program


The IH Rural Mobile Simulation Program was initially designed to provide instruction on emergency medicine concepts, and to provide an opportunity for rural providers of emergency care to practice potentially lifesaving skills, however, this has branched out into pediatrics, ICU, and OR as well. This program is designed to be flexible to varying levels of experience, knowledge, and background.

The course facilitators create a non-threatening, informal environment in which emergency care scenarios can be practiced. With the high fidelity human patient simulators and various task trainers being used from the fixed centres now, we are able to offer rural sites the choice of various modalities in order create close to real life experiences in rural sites, but utilizing their own supplies, equipment, and staff while building or enhancing relationships within the inter-professional teams. 

Our Facility

All simulation education occurs “in situ” in the department of the 29 rural and regional sites across Interior Health.