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Articles, Presentations and Events related to Healthcare and Simulation in Britsh Columbia.

2018 Sim Expo

Join Canada’s passionate, interprofessional healthcare simulation community and world-leading experts at the 2018 SIM Expo! The 2018 SIM Expo will be November 13-14 in Calgary, Alberta. This year’s theme is INTERPROFESSIONAL SIM:

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In Situ Simulation

JoAnne Slinn, Jared Baylisand and Kevin Clark’s article about in situ simulation was featured on EM Sim Cases. This 2 part series was written by Jared Baylis, JoAnne Slinn, and

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Why Sim?

This slideshow is from a session at Laerdal’s MiniSun Conference in Prince George BC, Nov 2017 and was presented by Dr. Suzanne Campbell Ph.D., RN, IBCLC. Dr. Campbell is a

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