COVID-19 Simulation Resources

BCSN has compiled and created the following collection of resources to aid in facilitating and running COVID-19 simulation learning experiences.  Our colleagues at Simulation Canada are also maintaining a list of resources that can be accessed.


BCSN COVID-19 Simulation Guide BCSN 4.37 MB 387 downloads

Updated April 2nd 2020

This document was created to provide support and considerations to ensure successful planning, implementation and follow up of COVID-19 simulations.

We thank you for downloading our COVID-19 Simulation Guide and hope that it has contributed positively to your COVID-19 response. Please take a brief moment to share the impact that the guide has had on your efforts.


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BCSN Pre and Post In Situ Simulation Safety Checklist BCSN 131.85 KB 504 downloads

This checklist should be used prior to and after an in situ simulation to assure safety.


BCSN Protective Measures for Simulation in the Covid-19 Era BCSN and CICSL 157.72 KB 16 downloads

This document informs simulationists on ways to employ protective measures which increase the safety of events during the Covid-19 era.


COVID 19 scenarios from 0.00 KB 287 downloads

The following link will take you to COVID 19 scenarios posted and shared on


In Situ Healthcare Training Sign 92.12 KB 250 downloads

The following signs can be printed and displayed while running your in-situ simulations to inform the public, non-participating staff, and anyone else who may be concerned about the events unfolding around them.


Simulation Canada COVID-19 Resources and Links 0.00 KB 124 downloads

The following page is another list of resources and tools being updated by Simulation Canada.


Simulation Summary Interior Health Simulation Program & BCSN 858.89 KB 478 downloads

This fillable PDF can be used after a simulation session to provide an overview of the session and the learning points from the debrief that can be shared with the participants, leadership and/or others from the department/team who could not attend.