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Articles, Presentations and Events related to Healthcare and Simulation in Britsh Columbia.

The Master Debriefer Course

Are you looking to improve your debriefing skills? Check out the recently launched The Debriefing Academy – Master Debriefer Course. It is a new course designed to help simulation and clinical

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2018 Sim Expo

Join Canada’s passionate, interprofessional healthcare simulation community and world-leading experts at the 2018 SIM Expo! The 2018 SIM Expo will be November 13-14 in Calgary, Alberta. This year’s theme is INTERPROFESSIONAL SIM:

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In Situ Simulation

JoAnne Slinn, Jared Baylisand and Kevin Clark’s article about in situ simulation was featured on EM Sim Cases. This 2 part series was written by Jared Baylis, JoAnne Slinn, and

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