BCSN Management System Overview

The Northern Clinical Simulation program was created in 2010 as collaboration between Northern Health, UBC Northern Medical Program, and the UNBC School of Nursing.  The program includes four fully equipped simulation centres across the north and the ability to provide mobile simulation activities to rural and remote communities.  One of the vital components to measuring the success of this partnership is the ability to capture and report on all simulation activities in each of these contexts. 

The data collection tool adapted in the beginning of the partnership was very rudimentary and involved manually entering data captured on paper from each session into a data sheet.  The level and types of data required grew based on information needs of the partners.  Historically, as data needs were identified the data collection tool would be manually modified ensuring the partners had the information they needed for decision making. 

As the simulation program in the North matured there was an immediate need to develop a more robust and “user friendly” approach to data collection and reporting.  The need for this type of capability was shared among other provincial simulation programs and a collaboration was born. With financial support from University of British Columbia Faculty of Medicine Simulation/Curriculum Development Research Grant the Northern Clinical Simulation Program led the development of an online tool, the BC Clinical Simulation Management System, now available for use across the province.

This presentation will cover the early stages of the project, lessons learned, the functions of the management system, and the unforeseen and future benefits of a provincial simulation reporting system.