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The VCH Regional Simulation team is pleased to offer a suite of Facilitator Development sessions for VCH staff! Find upcoming courses by enrolling in our Simulation Facilitator Development curriculum on LHUB.
Please find session resources, tools , and reference lists below. To access journal articles, VCH staff can do so through VCH Library Services.

In-Situ Simulation Safety Tools

Workshop Reference List

To order multiple “Not For Human Use” labels visit:

Step 1) Select Place an Order
Step 2) Select the appropriate location and cost centre
Step 3) On the left side of the screen, select Products / Forms
Step 4) Under Health Authority, select VCH and search one of the following product codes for your desired label size:

VCH.VA.VGH.0844 Not For Human Use stickers—small (80 labels/sheet)
VCH.VA.VGH.0845 Not For Human Use stickers—medium (30 labels/sheet)
VCH.VA.VGH.0846 Not For Human Use stickers—large (10 labels/sheet)

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

Coming soon!