Fraser Health Simulation Program

Our Program

Our program provides innovation education activities to support learning within Fraser Health. We have a robust program with expertise in many areas of healthcare. We offer curriculum development, personnel, and technical support for all events including simulation equipment and technology. As a program, we utilize many levels of evaluation to improve our services and commitment to life-long learning.

·   FH inhouse speciality education
·   BLS – Basic Life Support
·   STRUC – Simulation Trauma Resuscitation Update Course
·   EPICC – Emergency Practices, Interventions and Care in Canada          (Foundations, Trauma & Pediatrics)
·   In-Situ simulation in all areas of hospitals including deteriorating patient, mock code blue, mock code white, CPR
·   Process simulations for new builds, changes to workflow, pandemic
·   Patient Transportation Simulations
·   Faculty of Medicine Undergrad and Postgrad Resident Simulations