Camosun College

Currently, experiential learning in the form of simulation is used in several diploma, degree and certificate programs in the School of Health and Human Services. Simulation spaces are currently housed among several buildings on the Lansdowne Campus of Camosun College in Victoria. Provincial and federal funds for a new 8,300-square-metre Health Education Centre, to be built on the Interurban campus of Camosun College has recently been announced. This will see programs in the School of Health and Human Services come together under one roof to use simulation spaces and further facilitate and engage in interdisciplinary/interprofessional learning.

Simulation is done using an array of typologies including: 

High, medium and low fidelity simulators, standardized patients, task trainers and role play. The Nursing Program’s simulation program upholds the International Nursing Association of Clinical Simulation and Learning’s Standards of Best Practice: Simulation.