BC Hot Debrief Guide

This guide provides a standardized approach to post-event clinical debriefing. Watch the “BC Hot Debrief Lunch & Learn” session (Oct. 14, 2021) Supportive literature can be found here

Info Debriefing Form (VCH ICU)

This Clinical Debriefing Script is adapted from Dr. Stuart Rose, Calgary INFO Debriefing Form for Lion’s Gate Hospital ICU, with permission.

Crisis Resource Management Reference (CRM model v9)

Human Factors also called non-technical skills or Crisis Resource Management (CRM) refers to the cognitive and interpersonal skills required for effective teamwork and optimal use of all available resources in […]

In Situ Healthcare Training Sign

The following signs can be printed and displayed while running your in-situ simulations to inform the public, non-participating staff, and anyone else who may be concerned about the events unfolding […]